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 Resources of general knowledge

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PostSubject: Resources of general knowledge   Resources of general knowledge I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 3:45 am

General knowledge is a very important part of a student’s life. Every student should have a good general knowledge. A student having no general knowledge should improve his general knowledge. There is a wide area of information that a general knowledge covers. Current affairs, History, Political information, Games, Science, Magazines, Books, Persons, World, etc are the fields, general information of which is said to be general knowledge. For a student it is crucial to improve his general knowledge.

But what if student does not have any kind of general knowledge? Or there is problem with him about general knowledge? Then he has to start improving his general knowledge. He has to find some resources of general knowledge. In this article you will be given such resources. The resources are not to be found anywhere else. Since general knowledge is the knowledge of the matters which takes place around you, the resources of general knowledge are found around you in your environment.

The resources of general knowledge may be Reading news papers, magazines, etc. or surfing internet, watching news on television, or by questionnaires – answering the general questions.

Reading news papers and magazines is perhaps the most common resource for the general knowledge. The books and magazines are easily available on bookstores. You can buy the book of your interest and your subject. By reading books, you can get informed about history, persons, or any other subject you want. By news papers and magazines you can be updated with the current matters happening all around the world. You can get detailed and latest information about some incidence, games, fashion world, movie world and lot more.

Another good resource for general knowledge is surfing the internet. Internet is said to be the ocean of knowledge. It contains web sites that provide you the knowledge about anything you want. There are millions of web pages on the internet that full of information. This article is one of its examples. You can anything on internet by using a search engine. It will give you the results of what you want.

Watching Television is another good way of improving knowledge. Watch news on T.V. regularly and you can be updated with the latest information about hat is being happened around the world.

You can also improve your knowledge by answering questions by taking part into the questioners held in your school/college. This is the fastest way of improving knowledge. You have questions and you have to find the answers. You can improve your knowledge in this way much faster than the previous ones.

I had given you the ways in which you can improve your knowledge. I am sure that you will put these ideas in actions and if you do so, you could see a change in your general knowledge, it will be improved.
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Resources of general knowledge
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