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 The Art of Paper Cutting and Folding

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PostSubject: The Art of Paper Cutting and Folding   The Art of Paper Cutting and Folding I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 3:46 am

PAPER cutting and folding are other forms of handwork which may be used in many delightful ways at home, or in the school-room in connection with other studies. It is closely allied to drawing and cultivates alertness and powers of observation, especially when the cutting is free-hand work.
Many forms of symmetry and life may be made with the kindergarten folding papers, and are of deep interest to the children. As the fingers grow in strength, a heavier paper or cardboard may be used for the construction work. Plain cartridge wall-paper is inexpensive and can be used advantageously in large classes. For more details visit o .Bogus paper and even Newspapers may be utilized in a similar way. In lessons in folding, the children must learn to follow the directions given in a quick, accurate way.

For the work in cutting or silhouetting plain black or white paper is the best. Kindergarten papers 4x4 inches may be bought in all colors and are best adapted for the conventional designs. These may be mounted on the tops of boxes and other articles as a decoration, or used in stencil work, as explained in the following chapter. With young children
It is preferable to use blunt-pointed scissors and inexpensive paper. The following outlines may be suggestive of much that may be worked out in relation to the other class-room work. It may be a foundation for later work in more difficult construction.

Paper Accordion

The paper accordions afford a great deal of amusement to very young children. They may be made of newspaper or any scraps of colored paper red, white, and blue are especially pleasing. If made of the colors, the strips must be pasted together first, so that the accordion is started with two long pieces one and one-half inches wide. Lap strip
An on strip b, so that a square is formed at c. The accordion is built up on this square. Fold b over a on the square c, fold an over b; continue until the strips have all been folded.
If made of color, the accordions are a pleasing Christmas-tree decoration. They may be made of strips of any width, and any number of yards may be put in each. For young children do not cut the strips too narrow.

Paper Dolls

Fold the paper so that the two short edges will lie together. This will make the strip half a yard in length, but of two thicknesses. Fold again in a similar way, making four thicknesses. Continue until the strip is folded to about a width of one and one-half inches. With the scissors cut in a free way the outline of the doll; if necessary, sketch it before
Cutting. Care must be taken not to cut through the folds at a and b of the sketch, as the dolls will not be joined if the folds are cut. To know more logon to .The father doll and children may also be made in a similar way. Animals make an interesting variation.

Free Cutting or Tearing of Objects

Either the glazed or unglazed paper may be used for this purpose. The object to be copied may be placed before the children, or free range given to the imagination if objects are not available. No directions should be given, as they should be allowed to cut or tear in a free way. Astonishing results are often obtained. Single objects or scenes may be portrayed, and profiles of friends and classm
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The Art of Paper Cutting and Folding
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